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    • Ente Mukwano Gwange 

      Frista; Fatima (African Storybook Initiative, 2014)
      This is a children's story narrating in one of the villages there was a cow which was friendly to everyone.
    • Environmental factors and graduate start up in Uganda 

      Katono, Isaac Wasswa; Heintze, Anna (2010)
      Purpose: A major concern in many countries is the failure to see high levels of apparent intent to start up amongst graduates. This study investigates the relationship between social and closer valuation and intention to ...
    • Enzu ye Soka 

      Nabanita, Deshmuk (Pratham Books, 2016)
      This book is telling a story of two young men leaving in one village but for them to scare away wild animals they have to put up a fire place. However, some animals like snakes still hesitate to come to their fire place.
    • Epupi Ekon Etau Biai? 

      Okurut, Ignatius; Arbuckle, Kathy (African Story Book Initiative, 2007)
      This book demonstrates a story about a young girl who was stubborn.
    • Equivalence of ELISpot Assays Demonstrated between Major HIV Network Laboratories 

      Gill, Dilbinder K.; Huang, Yunda; Levine, Gail L.; Sambor, Anna; Carter, Donald K.; Sato, Alicia; Kopycinski, Jakub; Hayes, Peter; Hahn, Bridget; Birungi, Josephine; Tarragona-Fiol, Tony; Wan, Hong; Randles, Mark; Cooper, Andrew Raxworthy; Ssemaganda, Aloysius; Clark, Lorna; Kaleebu, Pontiano; Self, Steven G.; Koup, Richard; Wood, Blake; McElrath, M. Juliana; Cox, Josephine H.; Hural, John; Gilmour, Jill (PLOS ONE, 2010-12-14)
      Background: The Comprehensive T Cell Vaccine Immune Monitoring Consortium (CTC-VIMC) was created to provide standardized immunogenicity monitoring services for HIV vaccine trials. The ex vivo interferon-gamma (IFN-c) ELISpot ...
    • Essential approaches to Christian religious education: Learning and teaching 

      Byaruhanga, Christopher (2018-03)
      Since the 19th century, Christian religious education as it is known today has been part of the Ugandan panorama. It began in Uganda with the arrival of the Anglican and Catholic missionaries in 1877 and 1879 respectively. ...
    • Essential Approaches to Christian Religious Education: Learning and Teaching in Uganda 

      Byaruhanga, Christopher ( Praxis, 2018)
      This book is about the essential approaches to Christian religious education learning and teaching in Uganda. We live at a time of change and experimentation in many spheres, not least in educational methods in the teaching ...
    • Estimation of the HIV-1 backward mutation rate from transmitted drug-resistant strains 

      Kitayimbwa, John M.; Mugisha, Joseph Y. T.; Saenz, Roberto A. (Theoretical Population Biology, 2016-12)
      One of the serious threats facing the administration of antiretroviral therapy to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) infected patients is the reported increasing prevalence of transmitted drug resistance. However, given ...
    • Ethnic studies: An urgent need in theological education in Africa 

      Nyende, Peter (International Review of Mission, 2009)
      By virtue of its subject matter, theological education ought to infuse life with morals and values, thus moulding a just, moral and peaceful society such as is envisaged in God’s telos for His world. And in line with its ...
    • Ethnicity in Theological Education in Africa 

      Nyende, Peter; Phiri, I.A; Werner, D. Eds. (Regnum Books International, 2013)
      In this article I argue that by virtue of its subject matter, theological education ought to infuse life with morals and values, thus molding a just, moral and peaceful society such as is envisaged in God’s telos for His ...
    • Evaluation of a demand-creation intervention for couples’ HIV testing services among married or cohabiting individuals in Rakai, Uganda: a cluster-randomized intervention trial 

      Matovu, Joseph K. B.; Todd, Jim; Wanyenze, Rhoda K.; Kairania, Robert; Serwadda, David; Wabwire-Mangen, Fred (BMC Infectious Diseases, 2016)
      Background: Uptake of couples’ HIV counseling and testing (couples’ HCT) services remains largely low in most settings. We report the effect of a demand-creation intervention trial on couples’ HCT uptake among married or ...
    • Evaluation of Ugandan cassava germplasm for drought tolerance 

      Turyagyenda, Laban F.; Kizito, Elizabeth B.; Baguma, Yona; Osiru, David (International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences, 2013)
      Increased pressure on prime arable land for agriculture to meet food demand for global population has resulted in shifting agriculture to marginal areas where drought is frequent. Focusing research towards development of ...
    • The evolution of media policy in Uganda 

      Chibita, Monica B. (African Communication Research journal Published by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communications at St. Augustine University of Tanzania, Mwanza, Tanzania, 2010)
      This article examines attempts to put into policy or law the parameters of media freedoms in Uganda since the colonial period. Taking a historical approach, the paper identifies major trends in media policy in Uganda across ...
    • Examining Technical Issues of the World Digital Library in Uganda: Challenges and Projects. 

      Kaddu, Sarah; Kalule, Ezra (2011-11)
      With the agreement and subsequent signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Library of Congress (LC) and the National Library of Uganda (NLU) in 2009, NLU became an active partner institution of the World ...
    • Examining the ADR-tistry of land mediators in northern Uganda 

      Akin, Jeremy; Katono, Isaac Wasswa (2011)
      Land wrangles are astonishingly common in Uganda today. Recent studies show that disputes over customary land—which accounts for 80 percent of the country and nearly all land in Northern Uganda—are on the rise, especially ...
    • Expanding access to voluntary HIV counselling and testing in sub-Saharan Africa: alternative approaches for improving uptake, 2001–2007 

      Matovu, Joseph K. B.; Makumbi, Fredrick E. (Tropical Medicine and International Health, 2007-11)
      The changing face of the HIV ⁄ AIDS epidemic has resulted in new opportunities to increase access to voluntary HIV counselling and testing (VCT), especially during the past 7 years (2001–2007). As access to HIV treatment ...
    • The experience of “medicine companions” to support adherence to antiretroviral therapy: quantitative and qualitative data from a trial population in Uganda 

      Foster, S. D.; Nakamanya, S.; Kyomuhangi, R.; Amurwon, J.; Namara, G.; Amuron, B.; Nabiryo, C.; Birungi, Josephine; Wolff, B.; Jaffar, S.; Grosskurth, H. (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2010-08-02)
      Good adherence is critical for antiretroviral therapy (ART) in sub-Saharan Africa. We report on the characteristics of medicine companions (MCs) chosen by Ugandan patients enrolling on ART, and on how MCs were chosen, and ...
    • Experiments in design process and product development in Uganda’s ceramics. 

      Kwesiga, Philip; Kayamba, William K. (Net Journals, 2014-10)
      To evaluate the challenge of design, product development and practice in ceramics, in Uganda, a study of the Ugandan common designs processes and product analysis was undertaken, since 2001 to 2012, largely in Kampala and ...
    • Exploring the Environmental Feasibility of Integrated Sanitation Systems for Uganda. 

      Agunyo, Miria F.; Born, Jens; Wozei, Eleanor; Moeller, Bernd (Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, 2019)
      In urban areas of Uganda, management of waste which consists of at least 70% organic content is accomplished by collection and disposal in landfills, resulting in emission of landfill gases among other impacts. Meanwhile, ...
    • Exploring the Implications of Low-Cost Leadership and Differentiation Strategies in the East African Community Market: A Perspective of Local Firms. 

      Ayebale, Dan (2016)
      Over the past few decades, East African countries have made tremendous economic, social and political progress and are seeking to consolidate this growth with the formation of the East African Community. The Global ...