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  • Leadership & Authority: Bula Matari and Life-Community Ecclesiology in Congo 

    Byaruhanga, Christopher (Regnum Books International, 2010)
    This book is the very opposite of armchair theology. It comes out of intimate and painful experience of the repression, corruption, violence and brutality of the recent history of Congo-Zaire. Indeed the other author had ...
  • In the shadows of truth: the polarized family 

    Kansiime, Elly K. ( International, 2017-09)
    In the shadows of truth is yet another of Rev. Can. Dr. Elly Kansiime’s interesting books that highlight the insights about family life. In his first book entitled “Integrating Faith with Work” a Ministry Transformational ...
  • The History and Theology of the Ecumenical Movement in East Africa 

    Byaruhanga, Christopher (Fountain Publishers, Kampala - Uganda, 2015)
    This book focuses on the history and Theology of the Ecumenical Movement in East Africa, focuses on how ecumenism has been understood by the Christians in this part of Africa. Just as there is a broad understanding of ...
  • Continent-based Comparative Study of Internet Attacks 

    Rai, Idris A.; Matsiko, Perez (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2011)
    We have deployed a honeypot sensor node in Uganda that is connected to a distributed honeypot system managed by Honeypot project, which constitutes of a large number of different honeypot sensors distributed ...
  • Indigenous Language Media and Freedom of Expression in Uganda 

    Chibita, Monica B. (Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2016)
    Since the liberation of Uganda’s broadcast media sector two decades ago, the sector has seen considerable growth. The number of channels has multiplied and the programming menu has taken on a more global and commercial(ized) ...
  • Digital activism in Uganda 

    Chibita, Monica B. (Palgrave Macmillan, Cham., 2016-12-13)
    This book chapter traces the historical development of digital activism in Uganda focusing on three historical moments relating to the country’s governance: the ‘Save Mabira’ campaign (2007 and 2011); the ‘Walk-to-work’ ...
  • Integrating Faith with Work: a ministry transformational model 

    Kansiime, Elly K ( International, 2015)
    The Integration of Faith in Work has been regarded as a ministry transformational model because today work has lost its place and meaning especially among Christian communities. Work no longer brings joy to those who engage ...
  • Antecedents of environmentally friendly manufacturing practices among SMEs in Africa: evidence from Uganda 

    Ayebale, Dan; Nanfuka, Esther; Ayebale, Ahurra Hope (Springer International Publishing, 2016-05)
    Environmental management is increasingly becoming an important topic of discussion in the business world today. Stakeholders as well as policymakers are demanding more accountability from companies in relation to their ...
  • The cost of commercial motorcycle accidents in Uganda 

    Sebaggala, Richard; Matovu, Fred; Ayebale, Dan; Kisenyi, Vincent; Katusiimeh, Messarck (Routledge - Taylor & Francis, 2017-04)
    Road traffic accidents are among the leading causes of death and injuries globally. In Africa, road traffic accidents constitute 25 percent of all injury-related deaths which claim the most economically productive ...