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  • Uganda should not liberalize abortion laws 

    Africa Policy Centre (The Africa Policy Centre Uganda Christian University, 2017-10)
    This paper explains the solid grounds on which Uganda should stand to refuse the push to liberalize its laws regarding abortions. The first section traces the construction of the ‘Right to Abortion’ in order to provide ...
  • Male and Female Union: The Centrality of Marriage and Family to Creation, Redemption, and ‘the Good of All’ 

    Adams, Lawrence E. (The Africa Policy Centre Uganda Christian University, 2018-05)
    “Marriage is honored in all things, and the conjugal bed is undefiled.” (Hebrews 13:4) Advocacy for “strong marriage and family” must be understood not only in the pragmatic terms of empirical benefits. These of course ...
  • Bleeding Uganda: on Festo Kivengere’s Preaching of the Doctrine of Reconciliation 

    Olwa, Alfred (The Africa Policy Centre Uganda Christian University, 2018)
    Festo Kivengere once remarked in a sermon: ‘We in Uganda feel that the church is irrelevant if it fails to carry on the message of being ambassadors of reconciliation’.
  • Project management: tools, techniques and strategies of managing 

    Kyakulumbye, Stephen; Nabacwa, Mary Ssonko; Opio, Peter; Kabanda, Martin; Kyasanku, Godfrey; Olweny, Martha; Sebowa, Efrance; Aryamanya, Ashton; Ahumuza, Vianney (2018-10)
    This first edition categorises project management tools and techniques basing on the project management knowledge by PMBOK as emphasised by PMI but contextualised the knowledge dimensions to Africa/Uganda. It also includes ...
  • Somali refugees’ wellbeing: the role of socio-culturally mediated agency 

    Balyejjusa, Moses Senkosi (Africa Journals Online, 2019)
    Although there is substantial research on refugees and their wellbeing, there is limited research that examines the role of refugees‘ agency in their lives. Using Doyal and Gough‘s (1991) theory of human need, the study ...

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