Recent Submissions

  • Computational identification of transposable elements in the mouse genome 

    Jjingo, Daudi; Makalowski, Wojciech (2007)
    Repeat sequences cover about 39 percent of the mouse genome and completion of sequencing of the mouse genome [1] has enabled extensive research on the role of repeat sequences in mammalian genomics. This research covers ...
  • Prediction of transposable element derived enhancers using chromatin modification profiles 

    Huda, Ahsan; Tyagi, Eishita; Marino-Ramırez, Leonardo; Bowen, Nathan J.; Jjingo, Daudi; King Jordan, I. (PLoS ONE (Public Library of Science), 2011-11-07)
    Experimentally characterized enhancer regions have previously been shown to display specific patterns of enrichment for several different histone modifications. We modelled these enhancer chromatin profiles in the human ...