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    • Targeted Interpersonal Communication for Adolescent Girls and Young Women for Integrated Maternal Health Services in Uganda: Evidence from DREAMS Project 2016-2017 

      Birungi, Rebecca; Nabirye, Davinah; Zikusooka, Amos; Batamwita, Richard; Kankulya, Richard; Kagguma, Edward; Kimbowa, Musa; Coutinho, Sheila (2018-02-23)
      Background Uganda has the highest population of young people below 18 years in the world. Among these adolescents, contraceptive use is still low at 11% compared to the unmet need (30.4%) for family planning services. This ...
    • Teaching the bible using Ugandan cultural resources with specific reference to the Old Testament 

      Maturu, Milly E. (Uganda Christian University, 2001)
      The Uganda cultural resources have not been fully utilized for teaching the bible in Uganda. This statement necessitates the need of studying Ugandan culture, finding relationships between the Ugandan and biblical cultures, ...
    • Tested for Our Sake: The Temptations of Jesus in the Light of Hebrews 

      Nyende, Peter (Expository Times, 2016)
      In this paper, I illustrate that there has been a neglect to consider what Hebrews has to say on Jesus’ temptations in studies on the temptations of Jesus. I therefore conduct an exegesis of Hebrews, whereby I argue that ...
    • Three ebola outbreaks in Uganda 2000-2011 

      Okware, Samuel Ikwaras (The Centre for international (CIH), University of Bergen, Norway, 2015-01-20)
      Three separate outbreaks of Ebola associated with high fatality occurred in Uganda between 2000 and 2011. A country wide national response contained each epidemic with various degrees of success. The experiences challenges ...
    • Tima Ssunguda Tima 

      Naame, Lillian; Wanyenze, Robina (African Storybook Initiative, 2015)
      This is a book which narrates the story of a young boy who loved so much to play with domestic animals in his home.
    • Tito Kiti 

      Sinamwala, Sirote; Kakenya, Marias; Seneyia, Ann (African Storybook Initiative, 2016)
      The story is about a family that had a boy called Tito Kiti
    • To What Extent Have the Existing Land Tenure Systems Affected Urban Land Development? 

      Makabayi, Brian; Musinguzi, Moses (2015)
      In Uganda, urban areas develop in pockets compared to other countries with a uniform land tenure system. This research sought to investigate the extent to which the existing tenure systems affect urban land development. ...
    • Toidha Kundeka 

      Gulere, Cornelius Wambi (Little Zebra Books, 2016)
      The story is about the elephant and people crossing the river
    • Towards a National AIDS-Control Program in Uganda 

      Okware, Samuel Ikwaras (PubMed Central, 1987-12)
      A national AIDS-control program was developed in Uganda to deal with a potentially serious epidemic of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). A cumulative total of 1, 138 cases of AIDS has been reported in Uganda ...
    • Towards an indigenous understanding and practice of baptism amongst the Baganda, Uganda. 

      Mutebi, Wilson B. (Uganda Christian University, 1982)
      The coming of independence and the feeling of nationalism amongst African peoples in the middle of the 20th century also brought the desire for religious independence. The author in this dissertation presents an indigenous ...
    • Trade Liberalization, Export and Import Growth: Evidence from Uganda 

      Kilimani, Nicholas; Sebaggala, Richard (2009)
      The study explores the impact of trade liberalization on export and import growth in Uganda. A number of developing countries have opened up their own economies to take full advantage of the resultant opportunities for ...
    • Training multidisciplinary leaders for health promotion in developing countries: lessons learned 

      Chamberlain, Jean; Watt, Susan (Sage Publications, 2012-05)
      The global picture of maternal mortality and morbidity has changed very little over the past 20 years despite isolated (and often medically based) efforts to improve the situation. A multidisciplinary approach to this very ...
    • Tree communities of different aged logged areas in an Afrotropical rainforest 

      Owiny, Arthur A; Valtonen, Anu; Nyeko, Philip; Malinga, Geoffrey M.; Roininen, Heikki (2016-03-09)
      Predicting the recovery processes in tree communities after logging is critical when developing conservation strategies. We assessed the patterns in tree communities in logged and primary forests in Kibale National Park, ...
    • Trends in HIV counseling and testing uptake among married individuals in Rakai, Uganda 

      Matovu, Joseph K. B.; Denison, Julie; Wanyenze, Rhoda K.; Ssekasanvu, Joseph; Makumbi, Fredrick; Ovuga, Emilio; McGrath, Nuala; Serwadda, David (BMC Public Health, 2013)
      Background: Despite efforts to promote HIV counseling and testing (HCT) among couples, few couples know their own or their partners’ HIV status. We assessed trends in HCT uptake among married individuals in Rakai district, ...
    • Tsibarwa 

      Verbeek, Clare; Thembani, Diadla; Buthelezi, Zanele (African Storybook Initiative, 2007)
      This book narrates how children learn to write letters especially to those who are sick or lost beloved ones.
    • Tsingaato Tsiimbya 

      Verbeek, Clare; Thembani, Diadla; Buthelezi, Zanele (African Storybook Initiative, 2007)
      This is a story of a mother and her son visiting different shops to buy reading books and other utilities for use.
    • Tsingukye Tsitsakyeendaana Eyi Ni Neeyi 

      Wakholi, Fabian (African Storybook Initiative, 2014)
      This is a story of parents playing with their children in one of the village.
    • Tsisolo Stilima Ifubu 

      Namee, Lillian (African Storybook Initiative, 2015)
      This is a story book about the Animal kingdom.
    • Tubala Bazira 

      Verbeek, Clare; Dladla, Thembani; Buthelezi, Zanele (African Storybook Initiative, 2007)
      The Story is about counting animal heroes
    • Ugandan adolescents’ sources, interpretation and evaluation of sexual content in entertainment media programming 

      Miller, Ann Neville; Nalugya, Evangeline; Gabolya, Charles; Lagot, Sarah; Mulwanya, Richard; Kiva, Joseph; Nabasaaka, Grace; Chibita, Monica B. (Taylor and Francis (Routledge), 2016-08-05)
      Although mounting evidence in Western nations indicates that entertainment media influence young people’s sexual socialisation, virtually no research has addressed the topic in sub-Saharan Africa. The present study employed ...