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  • NREN Network Security: A case study of Uganda Christian University ICT Infrastructure 

    Matsiko, Perez; Kiden, Sarah (, 2013)
    The long wait for high speed access to the Internet is finally coming to an end. National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) are being connected to the rest of the world through high speed fiber optic cables. This ...
  • Continent-based Comparative Study of Internet Attacks 

    Rai, Idris A.; Matsiko, Perez (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2011)
    We have deployed a honeypot sensor node in Uganda that is connected to a distributed honeypot system managed by Leurrecom.org Honeypot project, which constitutes of a large number of different honeypot sensors distributed ...
  • Stalk-eyed fly, Diopsis sp. population dynamics under varying temperature and Relative Humidity in rice ecosystems 

    Kayongo, Charles; Mbogga, Michael S.; Goncalves, de Abreu Aluana; Masika, Fred; Masanza, Michael; Barrigossi, Jose Alexandre Freitas; Kizito, Elizabeth B (2018-02)
    Although the stalk-eyed fly (Diopsis sp.) has been observed in Ugandan rice fields, there is limited information on the fly’s population and its potential threat to rice production. This study assessed the stalk-eyed fly ...
  • Linear Discriminant Analysis of Structure Within African Eggplant ‘Shum’ 

    Sseremba, G; Tongoona, P; Eleblu, J.S.Y.; Danquah, E.Y; Kizito, Elizabeth B (African Crop Science Society, 2018)
    African eggplant (Solanum aethiopicum) lags behind in terms of research attention; leading to, among other gaps,scantiness of information on intra-group genetic diversity. Hierarchical clustering was applied to reveal ...
  • Tree communities of different aged logged areas in an Afrotropical rainforest 

    Owiny, Arthur A; Valtonen, Anu; Nyeko, Philip; Malinga, Geoffrey M.; Roininen, Heikki (2016-03-09)
    Predicting the recovery processes in tree communities after logging is critical when developing conservation strategies. We assessed the patterns in tree communities in logged and primary forests in Kibale National Park, ...

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