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  • The structure of news in Community Audio Towers 

    Semujju, Brian (Journal of African Media Studies, 2017)
    This article draws attention to the current sensational modernist conceptualization of news as conflict and prominence to argue that news among the poor be understood as activities happening in a village. Findings obtained ...
  • Climate change in Ugandan media: A ‘Global Warming’ of journalism ethics 

    Semujju, Brian (Journal of African Media Studies, 2013)
    The idea of climate change has reached a contentious breaking point at an interna¬tional level where its major causes, existence and intensity are separating informed minds. This article is an examination of the four major ...
  • Community Audio Towers in Uganda 

    Semujju, Brian (3CMedia, 2016-05)
    While community broadcasting has been documented for aiding development in the Global South, communities in Uganda engage in narrowcasting and share information using Community Audio Towers (CATs). This challenges our ...
  • Feminist power and its implications on Uganda’s malaria communication campaign 

    Nakiwala, Aisha Sembatya; Semujju, Brian (Feminist Media Studies, 2018)
    This paper examines power and its manifestation in Uganda’s “Stop Malaria Campaign.” It specifically questions the apparent radical feminism, which is conceptualized as a quest for power, and how such excesses drive ...
  • Participatory media for a non-participating community: Western media for Southern communities 

    Semujju, Brian (Sage publications, 2014)
    This paper draws on the contrast between community media and the nature of its communities in Africa that are not participatory but use participatory media. The general contention is that participatory media in Africa ...

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